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Thermal Protection – Insulation

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Builder Grade Selection

CertainTeed Sustainable Insulation

Walls: R-13/R-15 (2x4) or R-19 (2x6) Batt insulation , between the stud framing ,with a vapor barrier on the interior side for unfaced Batts or Kraft-faced Batts with an attached vapor barrier.

Attic: Ceiling covered with blown-in insulation to acheive an R-38 value.

Advantage: - Low cost and simple installation.

Disadvantage: Minimum R values for code compliance, no air sealing around holes and protrusions.

Total Cost: $ 2,844.00 for a 3,900 Sq Ft. Home........ Approx. Sq. Ft cost $0.73

RCM Selection

CertainTeed Fiber Glass Insulation

CertainTeed Spray Foam Insulation

Walls: One inch closed cell foam for air sealing and insulation value between the studs followed by blown-in fiberglass insulation to a density achieving its maximum R value and covered with Certainteed MemBrain SVR which changes its permeability based on conditions.

Attic: Closed cell foam (1 inch) for air sealing at rim joists and ceiling, followed by blown-in fiberglass insulation to achieve R- value (Minimum R-38).

Advantage: High R value, excellent air sealing, excellent moisture control, fills gaps and voids, great value vs. cost.

Disadvantage: Higher initial costs, complex installation, should be installed by qualified certified installer.

Total Cost: $ 9,856.00 for a 3900 Sq. Ft. Home………… Avg. Cost… $ 2.53 Sq. Ft.

Spray Foam Insultation

Fiber Glass Insultation

Green Selection

Knaufusa EcoSeal Sealant

Knaufusa JetStream Ultra

Walls: Eco Seal sealant combined with EcoBatt Insulation or Knauf Premium filled with Knauf Jet Stream Ultra (BIBS) Blowing Insulation to R-15(2x4) or R-23 (2x6). Water-based elastomeric spray that seals penetrations and joints in the building envelope, including exterior walls, attics and floors. EcoSeal dries to a flexible tough film and has great bond strength with low odor and is extremely low in V.O.C's. EcoSeal should be used with Knauf Insulation EcoBatts or Knauf Premium Blowing Insulation. Together, they are known as the EcoSeal System. The Eco Seal system forms an effective, continuous and affordable air and thermal barrier for the building envelope.

Attic: Blown in insulation to desired R value (R-38 minimum).


  • High R value, air sealing, mostly natural and recycled materials used in manufacturing, fills gaps and voids.
  • Client will receive a considerable energy saving delivers air flow resistance to the whole structure, not just the cavities.
  • Seals areas traditional spray foams cannot. Trade-friendly, no schedule delays.
  • Unlike many foams, Eco Seal does not involve mixing hazardous chemicals at the jobsite, nor does it generate hazardous off-gassing during cure. Therefore, Eco Seal is safe to spray and dries quickly—so other trades stay on site and on schedule.


  • Higher initial costs.
  • Payback in investment will take over 10 Years.
  • Air balance may be needed as a result of air tight building.

Total Cost $ 23,478.00 for a 3900 Sq. Ft. Home ….… Avg. Cost per Sq. Ft $6.03


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