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RCM was established to create a forum "To Educate People" on the largest purchase of their life, their home! The RCM staff has fifty years of professional experience In the Residential and Commercial Construction industry which is reflected in the RCM concept, by incorporating your personally selected specification, from educated choices of product, materials and equipment. Our basic introduction class will Inform each potential home buyer of the intricacies or complexities of buying a home.

RCM is a new revolutionary way of buying your dream home. RCM will enlighten you on every product in your home before you go to a qualified builder. You then become an educated buyer with the knowledge to create a personalized selection of products for your home. This is known in the Construction Industry as a Specification.

You will be selecting your personal choices in everything from Framing Material, Insulation, Exterior Finishes, and Roofing Material continuing with all the products that will make up your home Specification. You will receive information on three products in each division, which will allow you to make a selection on quality and price to fit your particular budget.


The RCM Team

Eric Dahlin

Eric is the founder and author of the R.C.M business model and concept. His construction experience originated as a Union Carpenter, Forman & Superintend, after his discharge from the U.S. Army. He attended evening college classes in Business & Pre Law. His executive construction & real estate experience included, Director and Vice President of Construction for International & U.S. companies such as Gordonson Corp, Rax’s Roast Beef, Arby’s Restaurants Corp. and Design Specialities of Raleigh N.C. He designed the first Panelized Energy Conservation Restaurant used in the U.S, saving 15% in energy cost & reducing construction time buy 50%.

His residential building experience started in the 70’s. He developed a panelized home for the Florida coast that exceeded 140 mph wind loads (Hurricane force winds). In the 90’s he established, U.S.I. Systems which was the first green home building company in the south east United States, building homes from reconstituted steel frame construction.

In 2000’s, he accepted the presidency & board membership of the South East U.S. Steel Framing Alliance, formulated to educate technical colleges on the use of steel in the home building industry.

David Cohen

David has been an advocate for change in the residential construction industry for more than thirty years. His degree in Agronomy and Environmental Sciences helped form his Quest for a company with opportunities such as RCM. After meeting Eric, His enthusiasm was sparked by the complexity, but well formulated educational program, where he could share his knowledge of products, materials and residence lot design configuration, with Eric’s vision, to help bring RCM to the forefront of “Smart” residential construction. His knowledge of “Green” methods goes back before its popularity. David has extensive experience with Homeowner’s and Property Owner’s Associations as Director, V.P. and President of two Associations in the State of Georgia.



Micheal Leitmann

Michael Leitmann is a recent graduate from the University of Georgia where he studied computer animation, web design and graphic design. He is new to the RCM concept and very excited help RCM grow into an educational tool to be incorporated into the home buying process for all looking to build or renovate a home.





Chad Carlile

Chad has over 30 years of experience in technology that includes: 17 years of program and project management experience across multiple industries, 15 years as a banking operations consultant, 7 years of IT consulting with PwC & Oracle, along with over 14 years of senior leadership experience with 2 startups, Porsche Cars North America and Oracle. Chad earned his Bachelors of Science degree (Cum Laude) in Information Systems from Kennesaw State University in 1998, is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) by the Project Management Institute (PMI), and is also certified by Oracle America as an Oracle Certified Project Manager.


Gregory Boris

Real Estate Broker and private investor. Mr. Boris has an extensive executive background in management and sales. His experience has been in diverse areas ranging from Sustainability and Construction to Leasing and Consumer Products. He has held executive positions such as President/CEO Horizon Concrete, President/CEO Boris Rents, Inc., and various executive positions with The Sherwin-Williams Company and Alamo Rent-A-Car, Inc. most notably. Mr. Boris’s career has also included participation on several Board of Directors including The College of Management at The Georgia Institute of Technology. As a civic minded individual, he has participated in a variety of philanthropic causes including animal welfare and funding to feed the hungry. Mr. Boris is a former member of the Lions Club and is a graduate of Georgia Tech.



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