Windows and Doors

When your selecting your plans for a home, the layout of windows and doors including location, size, and quality should be considered in your choice. Along with the placement of your home on your lot.for energy conservation.

  • Location of Windows: Consider the interior layout of your furniture when positioning a window. Each opening adds an additional expense to the total cost, depending on size and location.
  • Size: Energy is saved with the least amount of square footage in a window opening.
  • Quality: Selecting a lower quality window may save you upfront costs however , may increase energy and maintainance costs long term.

1. Do you know the differences in window quality?

  • Low E
  • Argon
  • Sealed Windows

2. What is the primary material in the window and what long term effect will it have?

  • vynal
  • wood
  • anodized metal

3. Do windows come painted or unpainted?

4. Is there a pay back fro certain types of windows including energy conservation?

The windows and doors in your home not only provide security, but also add an asthetical value and provide many different insulation values depending on which window or door manufactuer you are purchasing from. The size and the number of units in your home may increase your annual expendetures on energy.

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