Maintenance of your Home

One you buy a home, Maintenance is a weekly activity. Plan for it. Don’t put of till tomorrow, what you can do today. It will cost you every day, you procrastinate

When buying an existing or new home you have to start planning for maintenance on day One.

I have acquired a list of long term maintenance item for your planning entertainment. This is just a small fraction of possibilities in planning for maintenance. The main thing is start budgeting for future maintenance of your home, even if you buy a new home.

There are a Million Unexpected Maintenance Costs

Forecast for Your Maintenance


Paint the exterior siding and trim 10 years
Reseal the driveway 5 years
Re-caulk siding/windows/doors 5 years
Roof repair/replacement 15 years
Re-stain the deck(s) 5 years
Seal and re-point brick work 7 years
Driveway/sidewalk settling 7 years
Tree pruning and maintenance 3-5 years
Pressure washing every year
Gutter cleaning every year
Irrigation maintenance every year
Lawn care/flowers every year
Pest control 3 months
Pool/hot tub care seasonal


Replace carpeting 10 years
Refinish wood floors 10 years
Grout and caulk bathrooms 5 years
Patch and paint walls 7 years
Appliance repair 7 years
Plumbing repair 7 years
Furnace & Air conditioning 15 year replace/6 months maintenance
Upgrade kitchen/bathrooms 7 years (rotation of each)
Wiring upgrades (cable/phone/internet) 7 years
Drain water heater/clean chimney 2 years
Seals Doors and Windows 10 years
Replace filters 6 months
Drain water heater 1 year
Clean Fireplace “Chimney sweep” 10 years
Toilet Seals 7 years


There may be additional specific home maintenance items based on other features in the home. My wife and myself started a  priority list of project we need to address on the weekends .

It’s important to remember, that neglected Maintenance of your home, affects property value.  If you live in the proximity, of close neighbor’s that’s another story.

Many profession real estate appraisers predict that you could lose up to 10% value on your home when and if you try to sell. “If your home is worth the national average of $ 233,000.00 that could be up to $23,000.00.

If you like to tackle your own projects there are numerous books on maintenance of your home.

Home Maintenance For Dummies [Paperback]

Home Maintenance for Dummies Book

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