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The RCM Virtual Home Show was established to create a forum "To Enlighten & Inform People". On the Largest Purchase of their Life, Their Home!

The RCM staff has Fifty Years of Professional Experience In the Residential and Commercial Construction industry Which is reflected in the RCM concept. Each of you have a chance to, become aware of every product in your home. Then as you make a selection of one of three products by clicking on your choice, you will be incorporating Your Personal Selections into a Specification, for your Architect, Designer Contractor or Vender’s supplying and representing the products.

Our online complementary format and our RCM Virtual Products Home Show will inform each potential Home Buyer of the intricacies or complexities of buying a Home.

 RCM is a NEW Revolutionary way of obtaining Your Dream Home..



You will be selecting your personal choices in everything from, Framing Material, Insulation, Exterior Finishes, and Roofing Materials continuing with all the products that will make up your home Specification. You will receive information on three products in each division, which will allow you to make a selection on quality and price to fit your particular budget.

Why, would you want to Visit the V.H.S. "Virtual Home Show" Before Buying A Home?

Most people today, know more about there I-Pod than they do about their home Purchase. They buy a home like they are buying a pair of shoes. They don’t know anything about the leather or workmanship. They just Know, the shoes just look good and are stylish. You may pay $ 37.00, or $ 337.00, depending on the quality and the brand name.

Your home on the other hand may cost $ 137,000.00, $ 237,000.00, or $ 2,237.000.00 and then cost you $ 337.00 to $ 1,337.00 per month in utilities.

Don’t you feel that a little more Knowledge, before you acquire a home, is Appropriate?

RCM provides a Platform, that enables you to be aware of all the materials and equipment you want in your home, and you will control the building of your home with a Product specification that will be issued to your builder.

Savings! $ $ $ How You Can Save!

  1. By having a completed Professional Product Specification, prior to going to a Builder ,you will in turn, Save time for the Builder and Money for yourself.
  2. By having a Specification before going to an Architect or designer, you give them a better idea of your requirements, taste and style, in products and should save you money.
  3. Having your Specification, prior to going to a builder, affirms your product selection and helps eliminate any mistakes in product selection.
  4. Researching products, mortgages, insurance, and locations, forces you to establish a budget. Approaching these in advance and being organized, will ultimately, save you time and money.
  5. Home buyers today are very interested in Green Building, and Energy Conservation in The Product Selections of their home. RCM can give you the choice and an understanding, of the variety of products going into your home, as well as, the cost difference between.


Most people start the process of remodeling their home, by calling two or three construction companies, asking them to offer a proposal, on their communicated requirements. Even if you have a drawing, product selection usually is not explicit or in writing, which should include products and material identification codes.

This gives the Owner the opportunity for three different proposals, with three different interpretations.

RCM Virtual Home Show offers a FREE formatted service, for each individual client, to go through a detailed Product specification list which becomes their personal specification for the remodel of their home.

Now, the General Contractors or if commissioned Construction managers, can offer identical proposals, for selected products, and materials, as a result of your (The Owner‘s) detailed specifications.

RCM also has formulated:

  • Contracts
  • Change Orders
  • Standard Invoice Forms
  • Waiver of Liens

That can be adapted to Your Individual Projects.

RCM also has a list of independent Construction Inspectors for, third party inspection services.

New Home Construction

RCM Recommends, that prior to visiting a New Homes already constructed or On Line Photo Sessions with wide lens photography. “Take the Time to Investigate the “New “Alternative! “

Become An Educated Buyer……. Your Home Is the Biggest investment of your Life!

First, take the time to find a particular floor plan or complete house plan that you like.

Second,   Develop Your Own Product  Specification through RCM’s on line Virtual Products Home shows 24/7.  It’s free online Information.

If you are ready to buy a Home, Now or Five years From Now.

"RCM will Guarantee ", That you Will Save time and money, by Developing your own Personalized  Home Specification ,and getting educated and familiar,on all the different products available, in your home, before going to an architect, designer or home builder.

The Three categories, of each product will start with:

  1. Builder's Grade
  2. Environmentally friendly "Green" Grade
  3. RCM's Selection Grade

The RCM’s choices are evaluated by investigating national home building suppliers, rating agencies, selections, price, availability and quality.

Assistance is also given through; RCM list of home builders and construction manager’s in acquiring professional proposals, using the RCM Specification Process, and by being ablep to have your home Competitively Bid & Constructed in the following ways.

1. Experienced Home Building Contractors:

Once your RCM home building specification is completed you will take it to the Home builder of your choice, who will base their proposal on personal choices in your specification. This Will save Your Builder, Time and You Money.

2. Construction Coordination Service's

Build your Own Home "through a certified Construction Manager"

NOTE: You "Will Not" be responsible for preforming any part of the physical Construction, unless  you are qualified. You should be able to Save At Least 15% if you are willing to put in the Planning and Time.

3. RCM Construction Management Service's

This is where; you can find your professional Construction Manager on a fixed fee basis, Using your RCM Personal Specification as a primary tool, with the assistance, of an architect or designer service.


PHASES of Construction will INCLUDE, but not be limited to:

  • Plan & specification issuance
  • Contractors Proposal distribution & acceptance
  • Contract issuance
  • Schedule of all trades C.P.M.
  • Inspection coordination
  • Waver of lien acquisition
  • Payment Requirements /with Financial Institute.
  • Warrantee Review with contractors & Suppliers.
  • Insurance Certificates verification
  • Coordination with your Subcontractors & local building inspector

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