Designers will be able to incorporate your specific design requirements into an architectural plan or existing home drawing. Many of the Designers are previous builders who have experienced field conditions and can closely work with home builders and construction managers, "Checking" each other in order to establish a completed project that meets all design requirements.

Why buy completed House Plans from a designer?

  • You will get your dream home at a lower cost if you pick out a standard set of drawings. You can receive your house plans promptly since they are available to many.
  • You are able to see what you are getting before you start. Each home designer has home styles of his or her character.
  • They may save you a lot of time by not waiting lengthy periods for the design process to take place, the house designs and drawings are already completed and ready to use.

Both Architects and designers are well qualified to do residential design. We believe you can get a great quality home design without needing to pay an Architect. A good home designer can save you money. If you're looking for a proprietary design from scratch, it may be best to interview an Architect.

Most designers pride themselves in having clean, builder-friendly, and city-friendly plans. Many cities have different requirements. Some may involve your builder or a specific contractor. However, most designers are happy to do their best in guiding you. They ask for any and all city requirements upfront so they can do as much as possible before the plan review.


Olde South Design Studios

4183 Red Laurel Way, Snellville, GA 30039
C - 404-925-4836
F - 770-978-7120
[email protected]

Welcome to Old South Design Studios, your home for all aspects of residential design and drafting. Currently located in Stone Mountain, Georgia, we work with clients nationwide. We are constantly evolving as a company to maintain the newest means of communication with our clients to aid in the completion of the project, making the process as efficient and timely as possible.

We regret that we no longer list a standard price for our projects. Due to the varying requirements for construction documents in different areas and varying levels of detail requested, we have found it better to price jobs on the "per project" basic. There is no fee for us to estimate your project and we can usually price within twenty-four hours.

The one consistent pricing aspect you will find with our company is that we price our projects by square footage. In that, we establish a set per foot cost that covers the complete development of your project. This will encompass three major revisions of your plan before any additional charges are accrued. Prior to any additional charges being levied on work due to additional changes, we will contact our customers with a price before proceeding to prevent "sticker shock".

We have found that the square footage works the best as it enables our customers to budget their projects up front, especially if they are also billing another client. By providing a solid price, it is possible to bill accordingly without worrying about floating expenses.

If there is a request for hourly work, we can provide this service and will provide a quote at the time.

Please give us a call or e-mail and we will be more than happy to discuss your projects and how we might be able to help you. Further, if you have questions or comments regarding our company, please contact us and we will answer any questions you have.


RSP Design Services, Inc.

5176 Cabot Creek Drive
Sugar Hill, GA 30518

Established in July of 2004 in Sugar Hill, GA, RSP Design Services provides Architectural Design Solutions and Construction Management to its clients. RSP offers a unique blend of professionals with extensive economical, practical and innovative design who work closely with its clients to implement coherent strategies for schematics and design development, facilities planning and construction administration.

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