Manufacturers and Suppliers

"There are over 8,356 Building Construction Material manufacturers in the world and 1,134 suppliers", according to Global Source in 2013.

Other than advertising, news and the internet, how do you find the products that are available in your area?

How do you know what the local building contractors are using?

What suppliers sell what products?

You as a home buyer starting you quest, you only have to know what products you what. However, your contractor needs to know where to find them.

Virtual Home Show Advantage

RCM’s Virtual Home Show has researched products in your area, by going directly to local professional home building suppliers.

  • We start with what Contractor Grade Products that have been sold to a majority of the contractors.
  • Then we research Nation suppliers for environmentally Friendly, or Green grade products as an alternative.
  • Finally, we evaluate alternative manufactures for what we feel is the best product for return on investment.

When you go to the Virtual Home Show you have three choices to start from. If you decide on other products you have researched on your own, you’re free to “wright In” the product, you wish to include into your specification.

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