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Recently, I personally applied for a Mortgage with Quicken Loan Co. Simply said, it was one of the best experiences, in mortgage applications, I have ever had. Over the past forty five years, I’ve, bought over ten Homes . Quicken Loans professional staff created a streamlined experience, starting with the preliminary application, formal application, through closing.

I’m not going to waste your time, if you need a mortgage? Here’s their site: www.quickenloans.com

30 Year Rates Near Historic Lows

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No appraisal required.

Quicken has closed 1,581,214 + 1 which was mine. Home loans for families like mine since 1985!

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Quicken Loans is the #1 online lender and the 5th largest retail lender for mortgages in America – according to National Mortgage News.

Find out how new government initiatives make refinancing with a loan modification and homeownership preservation easier than ever. Plus, Quicken Loans makes it easy and fast to refinance or buy a home with VA loans and FHA loans.

CONSUMER ALERT: Beware lenders posing as Quicken Loans, often asking for Western Union wire transfers. Learn more

Quicken Loans Rate Drop Advantage Program? Learn more

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