Construction Managers

Construction Management of New Homes or Renovations

What is the difference between a Contractor and a Construction manager?

Construction management is the administration process where, an experienced person or company manages all of the trades, material acquisition and schedule to build a home or renovation project, determining what order or sequence the work will be completed. Most C.M’s Construction Managers, Charge on a fixed fee basis, in the range of 12% to 18%, depending on the size of the project. If the project is over One Million dollars you may be able to receive a more competitive fee. The main reasons, to hire a C.M. is because of a short time frame in the construction process and that a client or owner, will be aware of the exact cost of   labor and materials.

R.C.M. will offer you, a list of qualified “C.M.” Construction   Managers, that can acquire professional   proposals from qualified Contractors, Sub-Contractors & Suppliers through all    phases of the construction process. Upon completion of your R.C.M. specification, you will be ready to present your professional specification to the contractors of your choice or one of R.C.M.'s listings:

Some of the main responsibilities of a Construction manager are:

  1. Plan and Specification Selection assistance.
  2. Proposal Request
  3. Specialty Contractors Proposal distribution and acceptance
  4. Contract Issuance
  5. Critical Path Compliance
  6. Construction
  7. Inspection coordination/Payment of Specialty Contractors
  8. Inspection of work ,meeting industry standards
  9. Waver of lien acquisition
  10. Punch list completion and warrantee documentations.


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