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Contractor Grade

Most home building contractors have already formulated what products they will use in the construction of your home. They buy in volume and usually stick to "contractor grade" of products. Local specialty contractors, except for their promotional sales tool items, like offered upgraded cabinet, counter tops, flooring, stainless steel refrigerators, stoves, and bath areas.

Foundation choices, framing options, insulation, and heating systems choices are a rarity with home builders, however these products can save you thousands of dollars and peace of mind in the long run. Depending upon where you live, hurricane or cyclone style storms can pose a huge threat to homes without the best choices. Initializing the development of your own specification is virtually unheard of, however, most home builders will appreciate your due-diligence. The home builder will then review and incorporate your product specification(s).

RCM’s Virtual Products Home Show

Every product listing is readily available in your market.

The time saving for the contractors is self-evident. All he has to do is review your product specification and confirm pricing for the formulation of his portfolio.

If for some reason, you have trouble finding a contractor, we have three local home building contractors for you to request a proposal.

Your specification can also be used in your purchase offer and be an addendum to your contract to build your personal home.

The following contractors are familiar with the RCM Virtual Home Show and will work with you and your  personalized specification.

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